1. How long does it take to visit the exhibits of the Łukasiewicz PCN?
We currently have 185 exhibits at the PCN. You need at least 2-3 h to enjoy them.
2. Can I eat and drink at the indoor exhibition?
You can only eat and drink at the exhibition in the designated areas - on the mezzanine floor and where the 'catering area' sign has been placed.
3. Which exhibition is most popular with the youngest visitors?
In fact, each of our exhibitions contains exhibits that are of interest to children. The youngest visitors are most keen on the "Nature" exhibition, where they can get to know the fauna and flora of the Podkarpacie region up close, as well as more egxotic objects. They are happy to spend time solving logic puzzles in the "I live" exhibition zone. For reasons beyond our control, the Preschoolers' Zone is not yet open to visitors.
4. What can I see at the exhibitions in the Łukasiewicz PCN?
A detailed description of the exhibitions is available at the link: https://pcn.org.pl/oferta/ekspozycje/
5. Can I visit anything free of charge at 'Łukasiewicz' NSC?
The exhibits of the outdoor exhibition, which is located in front of the building, are available to visitors free of charge. These include objects such as a lithophone, tubular bells, a 'centrifugal force', a geo-jigsaw, 'everything is spinning' and an AN-2 aircraft (which can be viewed free of charge from the outside). Inside, in the non-ticketed area in front of the ticket offices, there are exhibits related to Ignacy Łukasiewicz, including a kivon and a photoplasticon.
6. Is the 'Łukasiewicz' PCN accessible to people with disabilities?
Our centre is accessible for people with special needs. More information is available at the link: https://pcn.org.pl/zaplanuj-wizyte/ulatwienia-dostepnosci-w-pcn/
7. Can I leave and return to the exhibitions?
No. Your ticket to enter the Indoor Exhibition Area entitles you to enter once. Once you have passed through the gates, you are not free to enter and exit. Once you have left the zone, you cannot return to it.
8. Are there any guides in the Łukasiewicz PCN? Is it possible to book a guide?
We do not have guides or guiding services. Any visitor can address their questions to the educators working on the exhibitions in the Indoor Exhibition Zone. The educators are our experts and science enthusiasts who will be happy to explain how the exhibits work. It is well worth taking advantage of their presence.
9. Can I come with my cat or dog?
It is forbidden to bring pets into the "Łukasiewicz" PCN with the exception of guide dogs for the blind and visually impaired and assistance dogs for people with mobility impairments.
10. What are the opening hours of 'Łukasiewicz' PCN?
The current opening schedule for the Indoor Exhibition Area and the Studio is available at: https://pcn.org.pl/zaplanuj-wizyte/godziny-otwarcia/ .
11. Can I park my vehicle at PCN "Łukasiewicz"? Are there parking spaces for coaches and vehicles for the disabled?
Free parking is only available to visitors to the PCN who hold a valid ticket to enter the Indoor Exhibition Area and/or the Studio on the day. More details are available at the link: https://pcn.org.pl/zaplanuj-wizyte/parking/ .
12. Can I feed and/or change a small child in the Lukasiewicz PCN?
Yes, on the ground floor in the Indoor Exhibition Area there is a specially prepared room for a carer with a child, where you can feed and change your baby. Ask at the ticket office for the key to the room.
13. Is there a marked path for visitors in the Lukasiewicz Museum?
There is no designated path for visitors. We encourage visitors to experience on their own and be guided by their own curiosity.
14. Can we participate in workshops in each workshop for 15 minutes each?
No, the workshop programme is 1.5 hours for one organised group or gathered from individuals.
15. Can only school groups participate in the workshops?
The workshop is open to both organised groups, including school groups, and groups of individuals. The minimum age for participants is at least 9 years, otherwise there are no age restrictions. Details are available in the Terms and Conditions, linked HERE.
16. Can I come to the workshop at the weekend?
Yes, you are welcome to come to the weekend workshops - according to the schedules available on the subpages of our studios, which can be found at the link: https://pcn.org.pl/oferta/pracownie/.
17. Are the workshop activities conducted in a language other than Polish?
Workshop activities are conducted in Polish. Organised groups who do not understand Polish should arrange for an interpreter themselves. Note: Organised Ukrainian-speaking groups may enter the physics lab without an interpreter, provided that all tickets for that round have been purchased (please inform PCN a few days before your planned visit).
18. What are the relaxation rooms for? Can you eat and drink in them?
In the Indoor Exhibition Zone, on each floor, there are relaxation rooms where you can sit back and relax, as well as films and animations. However, it is not possible to eat or drink in them unless it has been clearly marked as a 'catering area'.
19. If it is not possible to purchase a ticket on the website today, does that mean that there is no possibility to visit? 
It is possible to purchase a ticket online no later than the day before your planned visit. It is not possible to purchase tickets online on the day of your visit. On the day of the visit, tickets can be purchased at the box office (subject to availability). We will endeavour to have a pool of tickets available at the box office. It may happen that there are not enough tickets available, so please call ticket information in advance. You are guaranteed a seat if you purchase a ticket via the online ticketing system. 
20. Do you accept the Large Family Card?
Yes, information on ticket prices is available at the link: https://pcn.org.pl/zaplanuj-wizyte/bilety-i-ceny/.
21. Is there a cloakroom?
Yes, a free cloakroom is available at our centre where you can leave your coat and backpack.
22. Can I leave my wallet in the cloakroom?
You should not leave valuables in the cloakroom. PCN staff are not responsible for valuables left in the cloakroom.
23. What if I lose my cloakroom number?
If you lose your cloakroom number or the key to the deposit container, the items left behind will be released on the basis of a report drawn up, upon payment of a handling fee of PLN 30 gross and identification by the potential owner of the characteristics of the items left behind.
24. Where can I find lost items?
Items left in the changing rooms and deposit containers, as well as in the Indoor Expo Area within the Expo Grounds after the end of the day's work, are deposited at the ticket offices for a period of 14 days. After this period they will be handed over to the Lost Property Office of the Rzeszów County Office.
25. Who is entitled to a concessionary ticket?
Detailed information on concessionary tickets can be found on the PCN website under: Tickets and prices.
26. Is it possible to take photos?
For private use: yes. For professional and professional use, please contact the Development and Cooperation Team.
27. In which languages are the instructions for the exhibits prepared?
About half of the exhibits have electronic instructions in Polish, English, Slovak and Ukrainian. The remaining exhibits have printed instructions in Polish and English.
28. Will I be given first aid in the event of an accident at the PCN?
Selected PCN staff members are trained to provide pre-medical first aid to people on PCN premises. For assistance, please refer to a member of the Exposure and Animation Team, the Service Point or Security.
29. Is the PCN building equipped with rooms suitable for the provision of premedical assistance?
The PCN building is equipped with a room suitable for premedical assistance, which is located on the ground floor of the building in the exhibition area.

The project 'Establishment of the Podkarpackie Science Centre' is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund under the Regional Operational Programme of the Podkarpackie Voivodeship 2014-2020, Measure: 6.4. Educational infrastructure. The beneficiary of the project is the Provincial House of Culture in Rzeszów.

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